About Mitsubishi car models: What is up with them today!

The competition to manufacture the best car in the automotive industry is becoming very rigid day by day. Every year there is a new car model, trying to woe and attract consumers to purchase them. One automotive industry that never disappoints is Mitsubishi. It is a multinational automotive manufacturer, based in Japan, being the sixth largest that specializes in cars, motorbikes, trucks, engines, sport cars, etc. All new Mitsubishi car models are fitted with the latest technological advancements, designed to suits the demands of their consumers.

Latest models

The new Mitsubishi Lancer

One of the latest eye-catching models is the new mistubishi lancer. This model has been manufactured since 1973, but the latest model is a stunner! It is a compact sedan car with a very stylish and sleek exterior design. Its fresh new front grille, c-shaped LED daytime lights and alloy wheels with a brand new fresh color make it outstanding. Its interior design is classy. The touch-screen infotainment system has been installed with the latest technological advancements with Bluetooth connectivity, additional USB ports, automatic AC and music system. It also has a multi-functional steering wheel tailored with control switches that can be easily accessed by your fingertips. It is powered by a 4-cylinder engine, with a five-speed manual gearbox. Every drive counts with this new Mitsubishi car model.

Mitsubishi Triton

If you are looking for used Mitsubishi cars, then used Mitsubishi triton is a really good catch. If you are an adventurous person, and a road trip lover, then this is the car for you. Mitsubishi triton is a double cabin car offering a smooth ride, with its 17-inch alloy wheels suitable for any terrain. The combination of its interior and exterior makes it comfortable for any passenger. It is spacious and can carry up to 5 adults. Its communication system is up to date with a 7-inch touch screen control system. It is a 4WD with diesel powered turbo engine, with low fuel consumption level for any trip.

Mitsubishi Outlander

If you love big cars, then used Mitsubishi outlander is the perfect choice. Its exterior design is very stylish and elegant. It comes with LED daytime running lights, fog lamps, powerful front grille, and a sun roof, which makes a bold statement. Its interior design is marvelous. It has a very spacious tailgate to load your cargo, which can be easily opened with just the touch of smart keys. It is a 7-seater with comfortable leather seats. It has a digital radio system installed with the latest technological features, and a 7-inch touch screen control audio system. It has numerous safety features such a reverse parking sensors and air bags. It has an advanced system, 4WD electronic control conveyed in every wheel. It also has three driving models 4WD ECO, 4WD AUTO, and 4WD LOCK. It is very fuel-efficient and economical with high ground covering ability. The Mitsubishi outlander has very surprising features, offering an option of either 5 or 7 seat models. Read more on Brisbane city mitsubishi

Whether it is a new Mitsubishi car or used, you will never get disappointed with any of its latest models. All their features are up to date to satisfy the needs of their consumers.

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