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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company in Chicago

Hiring a professional Chicago SEO company could potentially make or break your business. A great SEO company could easily drive your online revenues to as much as $1 million per year or more. On the other hand, with poor SEO, you will barely feature in the SERPs, let alone generate any meaningful sales for your business. Even if you are already generating some good traffic and sales currently, bad SEO will simply take away the little that you are getting as the search engines will penalize you for shoddy SEO work.

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When looking for a professional Chicago SEO company, it is important that you choose carefully in order to get a good ROI. There are many ways to evaluate whether a company is offering you with good SEO strategies. One of which is by asking the SEO company some questions which will make you decide on who is more deserving among the many SEO companies available. Each of these questions will help reveal the professionalism, expertise and integrity of the company that you are planning to hire.

How are They Planning to Increase Your SEO Rankings?

This goes to the very heart of the methods that they are planning to use in improving your SEO profile.  Without any serious strategy, you are not going to get any significant results in the online marketing Chicago companies offer.  A good SEO strategy must follow a defined process that will guarantee success. For example, they need to tell you what is wrong with your current SEO strategy and how they plan to change that and within what period. Ask about the backlinks and their linking strategy.

How Will They Stay Abreast of the Changes on Your Website?

Reporting is a very critical factor in professional SEO work. A professional Chicago SEO company must send you frequent reports on the work they are doing on your website and whether that has an impact. This could be done monthly, but it would also be great if it done weekly.

Do They Have Any Past Clients, Results or Online Reviews?

SEO company reviews can be a great giveaway on whether you are working with a credible and professional SEO company. One of the best places to read top SEO expert reviews is on sites such as Yelp.  Check out the customer testimonials, portfolio, case studies and the list of their past clients. Are they real clients who got a good ROI from using the SEO service?

Are They Following Google’s Best Practices?

Google constantly makes changes to its search algorithm and has outlined the SEO best practices that will help you avoid penalties. Ask the Chicago SEO company if they are keeping in step with Google’s algorithm changes and incorporating them practically in their work.

What Tools Do They Use?

SEO is much an art as it is a science. There are several tools that can be used in measuring, analyzing and making decisions on the best SEO course to take. There are various legitimate tools that SEO companies can use in order to increase the efficiency of the search optimization process. These include the reporting tools, technical SEO tools, link-building tools and research tools. The SEO company should be using the relevant tools that can help to comply with Google’s “golden rules” of search optimization.

What Guarantees Can They Offer?

A professional SEO should be able to give you some guarantees. How long will it take you to hit page 1? How long before you become number 1? While it is not easy to target no 1 for certain highly competitive keywords, they should guarantee you top spots in many of the keywords in your niche, including the long-tail keywords.

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