How to Choose a Good Freight Forwarding Company

Getting around the logistics of exporting your products from Sydney to the international markets can be a daunting task for almost any business.  That is why you need the perfect freight forwarding company to be handling your business. It ensures timely delivery of your products, happy customers and repeat business. It simply means having a good partner to help your business succeed into the future. Freight forwarding companies perform varied tasks ranging from imports to exports, warehousing, customs brokerage and transportation. Here are some suggestions to assist you in choosing the right freight forwarding company Sydney services to help you manage the supply chain, export or import side of your business:

freight forwarding company sydney

Go for reputation

Reputation is a very important quality when choosing a perfect freight forwarding company Sydney service. Anyone can start a “freight forwarding” business but it takes professionalism, experience and understanding of the freights business, supply chain optimisation factors and consistency in service quality to choose a Sydney freight forwarder that will deliver excellent and consistent freight and forwarding services over the long term.  An experienced freight forwarding company that has been in operation for years and which has an extensive range of networks and countries of operation can bring this experience to bear to assist you in accomplishing your goals. With experience, you can avoid some of the hitches associated with warehousing, routing and customs issues to help you in delivering your goods on time.

Check out the Freight forwarding company’s network of agents

This is a very important consideration. The freight forwarding company Sydney solution must have a broad network of agents across the globe. Check to see their connections of the freight forwarder Sydney services to determine its reach when it comes to its freight services.  Freight forwarders usually specialise in certain markets. For example, a freight forwarder that is good in the Chinese market may not necessarily be the best to handle your shipping in Europe. Do some leg work to determine whether the freight forwarding company Sydney service caters for the market that you would like to export to.

Check out the services offered by the freight forwarding company Sydney

An important aspect of the freight forwarding business is the specialization.  The company should not only handle sea freight Sydney service but also air freight, the trucking and transportation portion of the freight business. Some shipping companies offer not only the  port-to port services but also the door-to-door service across the oceans.

Check for good references

References are some of the most reliable methods of determining if the freight forwarding company Sydney solution offers professional services. Find a few people who are able to put in a good word for the freight company.  Check out the multiple reviews and testimonials on the shipping company’s business.

Customer service

Determine the responsiveness of the freight forwarding company Sydney service. You can assess how fast they reply to your emails and the speed with which to get back to you after making calls. This is very likely a measure of how they will treat you as soon as you have signed up for the service. Check out for the best freight forwarding services in Sydney.

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