Tips for Choosing a Reliable Aged Care Facility

Before you join any aged care facility, you should get approval from a certified aged care assessment team. With the approval to join a facility, you have the go-ahead to look for your preferred home.

All the same, today many aged care facilities exist and you need to be sure of the facility you entrust with your life in the sunset years. Each aged care facility has its own programs and services. It is advisable that you visit the facilities in person to find out what they offer before you sign the final contract.

While looking for aged care vacancies in your area, it is advisable to have these points in mind.


Unless you opt for in home care, accommodation is very important. You are going to stay in the home for a considerable duration and you need to know if the facility has adequate accommodation facilities such as rooms, beds, and bedding. Does the facility have adequate staff to care for the aged during the day and overnight? Most importantly, are the staffs qualified in their areas of service? You need to know these and more, before you get an aged care facility in your area.

Types of care provided

As noted earlier, each aged care facility is different. As an individual, you also have specific needs that you want addressed. For example, if you have signs of dementia, does the facility have qualified staff to deal with the condition in its earlier stages? Do you need respite care? You should find out the broad spectrum of a facility’s services before you sign a long-term contract with them.

Activities offered

First off, you should make a list of the activities and support that you need from the facility. For instance, do you need help with everyday activities such as dressing, ironing, feeding, or taking a shower? If so, you should sign a contract with a facility that offers the services and activities you need.

Sometimes it would be necessary to take your letter of approval to the care homes so the management can see the services you are approved for. It is also important to involve your family members in listing the services you need so you don’t forget. With a checklist that guides you, it is easier to identify the activities you need and where you can find them.

Are there qualified staff?

Especially if you stay in an aged care residence, you need adequate care and support from qualified staff. That is why you should engage a reliable facility that offers 24-hour nursing care, palliative care, and dementia care, among others.

Besides, just having qualified staff is not enough. A reliable facility should provide its staff with ongoing training to equip them with the latest technology and trends in aged care management and services. This can help the staff offer improved services to patients.

It is also advisable to take notes while visiting the aged care facilities so you can jot down your likes and dislikes and whether you feel comfortable with the environment. For more information about aged care in Melbourne and surrounding areas, visit Aarcare

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